An autocorrect fail gave this giirl an interesting custom birthday cake

A woman in the U.K. sent a text to her friend to make a custom birthday cake for her daughter's 21st birthday, but unfortunately, didn't catch an autocorrect fail that ultimately altered the cake in a huge but kinda hilarious way.
The text read: "Sorry Moira was out and my phone was out of charge so just saw this,"
"Forgot about it so stressed!! Plain white with white balls dotted with a grey ribbon and bow (I can buy them if you want save time). Would you be able to put a wee blind girl on top if not its fine x."

That was exactly what she got a white cake, with white dots, a gray bow and ribbon and a wee blind girl on top. And that would've been fantastic if that's what she wanted, but she actually needed a "wee blonde girl."
"My mum ordered a cake for my sisters bd n asked for a blond girl on top but it autocorrected to blind n we got this," the birthday girl's sister, Emily Seggie, wrote with a photo of the cake on Twitter.
"My mum's friend baked the cake and my mum at last minute texted her to ask for a blonde girl on top," Seggie told BuzzFeed.

"The text must have autocorrected to ‘blind girl' and when my mum went to collect it she was wondering why it wasn't blonde. They then realized what had happened after checking the text and decided to leave it on as was funny. Hope no one is offended."
In all fairness, she technically got what she asked for.

The message was shared on tweeter and it quickly went viral.