Do you have a website?

So here’s the deal. After months of conceptualizing your idea, gathering feedback, meeting financial institutions and angels for financial assistance, you finally set out to start the business be it a product, service or both. And then one day you are trying to market or advertise the business to a friend or prospective customer and then you are asked the question – what’s your website address? 

The question in itself seems simple on the surface but connotes many things. There are people who believe strongly that the nature of the business determines if one should own a website or not own a website. True to itself. But I will tell you why owning a website is important irrespective of your business. 

We are in the 21stcentury where every customer or prospective customer is always online and sothey naturally look for solutions to problems online. So why not be where yourprospective customers are. In addition, customers tend to view businesses asmore professional and ‘in touch’ when there is a website because they caneasily assess the site for more information like range of services, contactaddress, photo reel, customer service inquiry and the likes.

So does your business have awebsite? If your answer is ‘no’ be rest assured that there is an affordable andeasy platform to have one. At,small businesses and start-ups can easily order for a world class functional website at an affordable rate. Andguess what? We are currently running a promo on allour plans, you can even geta website for as low as N20,000. I mean this is actually a good deal (as theYorubas say, nahalf word we dey tell wise person).


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