Ex Nigerian Billionaire Goddy AnaborTurn Taxi Driver,Explains His TragicFall & What Led To it

This is definitely sad but true. One time billionaire, Goddy
Anabor who was the talk of the town by all and delight of
musicians years back, a well-known IKEJA lord, has
explained to E-27 magazine’s Bodun Kupoluyi, how he lost
the billionaires, what led to his fall, how he sold his
properties and now left with none.
How he made atleast three people billionaires and have
showed him no gratitude, above all how he sees himself
now and how he has come to reality with his present
situation. It’s a must read for every young person who
wants to know how to manage his finances, people around
him and ofcourse LIFE. The full interview below.
What happened to Chief Goddy Anabor, how did you find
yourself here?
You know God said, when you help, they will help you. I
made a lot of money from working with breweries, and
different companies before I travelled abroad. I relocated to
make money through one Mr. Ben at Top Breweries owned
by Chief Lawson know a lot people in country, I’m Nigerian.
I knew one Sogunro who we used to call Agbemo; whenever
he travelled to London, I always went him. I knew all his
children who were half-castes. That was how I brought
Fatai Sogunro who is also known as Chris Sogunro; he was
a carpenter and bricklayer in London. I made him. I taught
him what I was doing, and he is a big man today; he even
used to borrow money from me.
fact, in Lagos Sheraton Hotel, I spent 86million Naira in
hosting people from London for one year and three months.
I have the receipts, and you can go and ask them there.
Today, things are very rough for me and my family; in fact, I
don’t even know what to say anymore. I see my name in all
the newspapers, and I don’t know why.
I trained people like Chris Sogunro, Tokunbo Sodunke, Dare
Babayemi, Wale Awesu, and many of them like that. I made
them what they are, and today, they are Billionaires.
I’m surprised that they see me in this condition; some of
them say I’m pushing drugs, but they can’t help me out. I
don’t why they are such ingrates. It is only one man called
Mike Biggy who lives somewhere in Akowonjo that has
helped me. He rented a house for me and really takes care
of me.
I wonder why this people decided to treat me this way
considering the amount of money I spent on them. There
was a time I had N3bn in Equity Bank at Allen Avenue, Ikeja,
which I spent on people. Anyway, I thank God for my life. I
started colour printing in Nigeria, and I was printing for
Thisday Newspaper, Punch, and many others. I also
registered a security company which was approved and I
had a license. They gave three of us the license. We had
Vanni, Gordon and another one. I was even guarding the
You were quite big then; didn’t you invest your money
wisely then?
I invested a lot of my money, but because of corruption,
mismanagement of the people handling the businesses ran
them down. When you have a business, it’s very good to
employ people who are reliable and give them some
percentage of the investment or profits to get their
commitments. That lesson I learnt greatly. I was putting my
wife and my family, they ran the business down. My wife,
Anthonia was even sharing money with people on
purchases and supplies.
My workers were building houses from the money they
were making from the companies without letting me know.
How did you meet Anthonia?
I met her at a Police Station when I was having a problem
then. She was a Sergeant then, very beautiful woman. She
was working with Dan Baba then and she was trying to
assist me.
Was she your first wife?
No, my first wife is an Ijebu woman called Toyin, and she is
still alive. I used to call her Toyin Tomato; she was always
with Kolington, Tayelolu and the likes.
Why did you part with her?
I parted with her because she likes parties a lot.
But you were also going to parties then?
I went to parties, but I could not leave my family and go to
parties. She used to leave our little son and go to parties.
She had three children for me. My first daughter, Bose, is a
Phd holder in London. I have another one who is a doctor,
and Tunde who is in America.
Are they aware of your situation?
Yes. They’ve tried.
I knew you had properties on Isaac John and Alabi Crescent
in Ikeja, what happened to them?
They took advantage of me because they knew I needed
money. I was offered N80m by a man called Basorun A.K
for a house of about N300m. He has been in jail for about
10 years now because he was a drug dealer.
What about your Guest House on Joel Ogunnaike, GRA,
I rented it, and I gave it to Shina Eddo, who also rented it
from the family that owns it. Shina is a very good person to
What happened to your fleet of cars because you had a
penchant for them?
I had more than 50 cars like Bentley, Rolls Royce and
others. I usually bought cars that were newly manufactured.
Household enemies are the problems of my life. God has
made me to see that the people I trusted don’t even care
about me.
Why do you think everyone neglected you?
It’s corruption, distrust. I gave at least 60 percent of all I
had to people. I’m so happy on the street because people
like Ade Balogun take care of me.
What about Dare Babs; who was he to you?
He was my driver. I brought him from Abeokuta to Lagos
when I was working at the Breweries. We had a problem
because of some little money of $5m, which was stolen by
one Kenny, though we’ve settled it. He’s a very good
person, but I haven’t heard from him for some years now.
What’s your relationship with Oghadiome?
He is my village brother; in fact, my compound brother from
Fuga in Edo State. The late Admiral Akhigbe was the
governor of Lagos State then; I think he was the one that
made Oghadiome to become a deputy to Lucky Igbinedion
of Edo State then.
When he became the Chief of Staff to Jonathan, I went to
Abuja to look for him. I was thinking he would call me for
something important because when his mother died, I was
there. Even when they were building the secretariat in Fugar,
I was the one that contributed the most and they named a
hall there after me: Godwin Anabor Hall. Today, none of
them recognises me, and it’s very funny.
Do you think what is happening to you is Karma because
you used to ‘obtain’ people then?
In the Bible, God says ”if you believe him, he will give you
joy. And for those that don’t believe him, he will give them
power to acquire, but those who believe in Him will take it
from you.” God gave me money; I did not obtain, it just
came. If I obtained, they would have arrested me. I’ve never
been on trial; or jailed for any offence. I don’t have such a
For your information, I know I will come back again; that’s
why I’m speaking like this. I will come back again because
you’re bound to go up and down seven times and still have
the grace. I believe in God.
What is your greatest joy in life?
My joy is that I did not die and give people opportunity to
say good things about me when I’m gone. I’m alive to see
how people are treating me when I don’t have. In fact,
people that I taught how to make money then and who are
now rich don’t want to touch me.
Ambassadors of foreign countries used to attend your
parties, what was your connection with them?
It’s because I’m honest. If you’re honest, people will come
to you.
Tell me about your background, where are you from?
I’m from Fugar, Auchi in Edo state, but I was born in Kano,
and grew up in Osogbo.
What about Ade Bendel, I learnt he is your friend?
He is like my brother because he is from Owan in Edo State;
I met him in Lagos. I heard that he had some problems and
he’s in prison; that’s all I know about him so far.
If you come back again, what lessons have you learnt in
I want people to know that the friend you have now is not
your best friend; in fact, your household enemy is your
family. It’s just you and God, believe me. Always watch
your back.
Who is left with you now?
It’s God, and He is working because I’m living and enjoying.
I still believe in Philippians 4:13. ‘I can do everything
through Him who gives me strength.’
There was a report that you are now driving cab, is that
People are just writing whatever they like. A lot of people
want to give me cars and other things. When God has
blessed you, he has blessed you. Did you not see my driver,
yes, he drives me in a Toyota call Pencil Light, but I’m not
the one driving or doing kabukabu with it. I’ve learnt to live
with my condition after all; I’m alive to see it all.
What is your greatest prayer to God now?
My prayer can be found in Psalm 1 which says, ‘Blessed is
the man who does not walk in the midst of the wicked.’ He
says he will bless them and make them like trees planted by
the riverside. That’s what I prayed that I became a rich
man. Forget about gossips.
How old are you chief?
I’m 55, and I was born on February 19.
Where is Anthonia and your children now?
They’re in London.
Tell me your last word?
My last word is that everybody should watch their back,
because there are household enemies.