Get 10% extra on Dealday Deals till 2016

The promotion kicked-off in May and will run for the restof the year. Every month a new promo code comes out for those who want a pieceof it. (Go for new codes)

For hundreds of thousands of Nigerians who regularly shopfor the awesome deals available on discount site DealDey, it's time to whipout your Verve card as something BIG is happening.

VerveInternational, Nigeria's leading payment cardbrand has announced a new partnership with the eCommerce giant, Nigeria'slargest discount and deal site.

The scheme is calledVerve Rewards. It gives all Verve cardholders a massive 10% money back on any purchasemade on the website.

That's in additionto the already scandalous discounts Dealdey offers on its own.

If you spend your weekendsat GET Arena enjoying half-priced go-kart rides from DealDeyyou can now enjoy a further 10% money back on tickets just for paying with aVervecard.


Long and short, Verve offers you more and helps you getmore out of life. Pretty neat stuff all round.