Call Us Entertainers Not Dancers – P-Square

Popular Nigerian R&B duo, Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye, known as P-Square are undoubtedly the best music group on the continent going by the last MAMAs at least.
And in the midst of some controversies, the twins have maintained an enviable fan base across the world, churning out hit songs and keeping the tempo up in terms of stage performances.
In a recent chat with Vanguard, Peter Okoye, one of the P-Square twin,  spoke about their fame, challenges, controversies and other sundry issues.
The Dance With Peter host said he feels let down when people see them as just dancers instead of the entertainers they are.
“I am used to people saying I love P-Square because they know how to dance, but the fact is that I don’t like it when people refer to us as dancers” he said wryly
Correcting the impression, he said that, “They can regard us as entertainers and musicians because it makes us more presentable. A fan once told me that ‘Peter, I love you guys because of your kind of love songs’. But the question is when last did a love song sell or made a hit in Nigeria, aside “Olufunmi” by Star-plus and probably, “Beautiful Onyiye” by P-Square.”
“These days people are used to the song they play in the club so, even if you release a love song, they won’t play it in the club because it belongs to a different genre. I’m happy we have a fan who still believes in love songs and we are going to revive it,”  he added.