No Beef With Reminisce, Others Over ‘Local Rappers’ – Modenine

In a recent interview with HipTV, Modenine shrugged off the notion that the message in Reminisce’s hit song ‘Local Rappers’ was directed at him or any other rapper, saying no rapper in his right senses would say punchlines in raps don’t count anymore.

This comes after there have been rumuored disaffection among rappers who rap in pure English, because some of them feel the song was targeted at them.

In the song which also features Olamide and Phyno, Reminisce and his pals had declared in the song that‘punchlines don’t bring in the money anymore’ and many who have listened to the song believe the jibe in the song was directed most especially at MI and Modenine.

However, Modenine says, “ It’s a lovely song.” “When I heard it I felt it was a satire meant to ruffle some feathers though but it cannot be directed at artistes who still use punchlines in their raps.

We all know that punchlines still and will forever bring in the money. Because if you check advertising, you will find out that the payoffs, the punchlines are always there and that brings a lot of money. Punchlines bring in the money. I like the song, but seriously, I know they were just clowning around.”