See How Helen Paul Ventured Into Showbiz 15 Years Ago

Comedian and TV presenter, Helen Paul aka Tatafo has revealed how she ventured into showbiz  15 years ago while working at Eko Reel Mix Studios, Lagos.

In a chat with The Sun, she shared  that the road to fame and stardom began after she had to fill in the gap for a voice over artiste who failed to make an appointment for the recording of a jingle.
“This voice has taken me places,” begins Tatafo, “it all began 15 years ago when I was a receptionist at Eko Reel Mix Studios, Lagos. A client wanted to do a jingle and the person in charge hadn’t come and time was running out so I stood in the gap and did the jingle and ever since I have never looked back.”
Tatafo says so impressed were those around a couple of friends called her aside and advised her to pursue a career in showbiz.
“I was so excited after I did the jingle. They told me I could make money from the voice and voila, their words have manifested today. Bayo Adetu, who is now my manager and publicist also wrote about me as an up-and-coming star and his prophecy came through,”she added.
The graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) over the last 15 years has won a number of awards and is ambassador to a couple of brands including Globacom, Harpic and Golden Morn. She also runs a school, Helen Paul Theatre & Film Academy. She’s currently studying for her PhD at UNILAG.