We Are Done With Screening Of President Buhari’s Ministers – DSS

The Department of State Services (DSS) has reportedly done the screening of President Muhammadu Buhari’s ministers.
Daily Post reports that the ministerial appointments may likely to be announced this week.
Buhari has been facing public disapprovals, particularly from the opposition over his denial to name his appointees three months after taking the office.
The president has been asking Nigerians to stand with him till the end of September to enable him to pick credible people who will work with him.
A top presidency source hinted that the postponement in the announcement of the ministers might not be separate with the fact that some people were found wanting during the exercise.
He said: “President Buhari is a just man who wants to get his things right. He was careful enough not to appoint anyone who might disgrace or dent his hard-earned name and reputation. The major reason for the delay was because some persons earlier nominated failed the DSS screening.
“The president believes that it is better to have the list late than to come out with some persons that would disgrace his government.”
Answering when the appointments would be finally revealed, the source who pledges to be anonymous said before Friday.
“I can assure you that before Friday the ministerial nominees would be unveiled. The DSS is done with the screening as we speak”, he said.
The source also hinted not to swallow everything posting on media: “you should be careful not to swallow everything you see. There are several names circulating on the social media but I urge you to wait until the president makes it public.”
President Buhari has recently reinstated his strong will to name ministers until September 30.
Nigerians are eagerly awaiting the appointments as the incumbent leader marked 100 days in office.