Blog: Why we changed Amenbonaija to 36Naija

We change our brand name late August and so many fans have been buzzing us our reason for the change.
We would have unveiled the reasons but we are very busy publicizing the newly changed brand.
For new fans you may not notice anything, it’s your luck Flex!!

Here are the exclusive reasons why we changed Amenbonaija to 36Naija.

1. Error in spelling:,  the  Main spelling is “Amebo”  and not “amenbo”  meaning Gossip.
The mistake was done during the time of buying the domain name and because of the way some friends pronounce it. When the spelling error was noticed we tend to buy “amebo”  but noticed someone has it already.

2. Deflection of Unique visitors to amebonaija instead of Amenbonaija :
After launching the Online News platform,  alot of money was spent on Publicity especially Radio and television,  the pronunciation is the same but people visits instead of the one we are promoting.
We Promote Events in Lagos and Benin,  the other party enjoys the glory.
Free publicity and Glory for someone who never worked for it.

3. Scam Alert:
We endured everything cos we believed after much publicity we will force our brand to be the real spelling in the world,  so we continued our publicity.
This other brand scam Musical Artiste. All eyes on us, thinking we are behind it.
Nanabo will never scam anybody (over 4 years of Online Biz experience)

4. We Offered alot of money to buy his domain name :
After all this events,  we concluded to buy since it’s not an active blog.  We offered a very sweet price just for the domain (#20,000 for a domain that cost #2,000),  An offer they rejected after accepting it the first day we made the proposal.

At this point.
We have to act fast to save our good name by changing the brand name.

Why 36Naija?
36 –  Covering 36 States
Naija –  About Naija

What then happens to Amenbonaija?
If you’re a regular visitor you would notice that if you visit any link containing will redirect you to a corresponding link in

What’s 36Naija about?
36Naija is about two key words  “Information and Entertainment ”

Have any questions regarding our Change??

Nanabo Ayebatonye
Creative founder