DOWNLOAD: Empire Season 2 Full Episode 5

Empire season 2, episode 5, “Be True,” Andre will be getting baptized. Will this family gathering be better than previous ones?

Last week’s episode of Empire was an interesting one. Jamal and Hakeem worked on their music video for “Ain’t About The Money,” but it didn’t turn out well for everyone. Jamal was in the middle of doing interviews for Rolling Stone and Hakeem played the jealous little brother.

Cookie was abducted by Roxanne, the lead prosecutor in Lucious’ case. Roxanne wants intel on Lucious but Cookie ain’t no snitch — well, sorta. Instead, Cookie gave Roxanne information about the radio deal that is going on and says that it involved Bunkie before he was killed. Cookie played her cards well and will now hopefully be able to put music from Lyon Dynasty on the radio.

Andre continued to try and prove himself worthy to his father in order for him to return to Empire. In order for that to happen he decided he should dig up Vernon’s dead body. Fortunately, he and Rhonda were caught in the act by Lucious and Thirsty Rawlings. Andre got what he wished for and was welcomed back to Empire with open arms, but at what expense? Looks like Andre is feeling a bit guilty and now feels he needs to be baptized to cleanse his soul and have God forgive his sins.