Exclusive interview with Dj Tee

Today Yentownvibes caught up with Dj Tee in an exclusive interview.

Welcome to an exclusive interview with the world famous dj and entertainer DJ TEE.

1. First of all tell us about your background?

My name is Fasingha Anse Woyengi Tari Predouowei. Last born out of six and my parents are Mr & Mrs Fasingha Anse. I am from Igbainwari Town, Opokuma Clan, KOLGA, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

2. How did you come about the name "DJ TEE"?

I've love dj work, music and entertainment generally since childhood and after my S.S.C.E, waiting to further my education, I decided to go into entertainment and being a dj fully which became a success with the support of my late sister. I was later confirmed a professional dj after two years service under my boss DJ KENDO who trained me. The name "TEE" came from my name Tari so DJ and TEE put together.

3. You are a professional dj when did you start this career professionally?

Professionally 2009, apart from the learning years.

4. You've been a dj for quite a long time now, are there any challenges so far?

[Laughs] Sure so many. As a matter of fact they can't be overstressed because you and everyone knows it's not easy. The biggest of all which is finance, just imagine you have 100 nice ideas but can't execute 90 of them due to lack of money.

5. You are from Bayelsa, let's take a look at the entertainment industry in retrospect talking about the Bayelsa entertainment industry: how would you access it in terms of growth?

Well, I'd say the entertainment industry is growing. We are definately far from where we were five years ago: we have entertainers putting better contents and materials now, we have more bloggers now than five years ago, more and better events are being organised so yes, we are growing.

6. Do you think the Bayelsa entertainment industry has improved looking years back?

So far the answer is a big yes, but we still  have a lot to do as artistes/entertainers.

7. Do you think the state government has roles to play in the development of the industry and what are the roles if there are?

Capital letter YES if you ask me because 1. They have all the resources (money) we need to produce, promote, guide and build world class standard of music and improving other areas of the entertainment industry. 2. Building standard studios, creating conducive environment for the artistes/entertainers. 3. Buying the best of equipments for production and the reproduction of good music and entertainment generally in the state to enable we the artistes/entertainers to get the standard we are clamouring for, thereby improving the entertainment industry in the state.

8. Are there any challenges facing the entertainment industry in Bayelsa?

Yes, so many of them: 1. Finance 2. Good production studios 3. The artistes themselves and so on.

9. What is the way forward for the entertainment industry in the state?

The way forward is 1. God 2. Working on ourselves because at every point in time we should be able to tell where we are coming from and where we are going as artistes/entertainers.

10. How can Bayelsa entertainment industry be developed beyond what it is right now?

For the sake of this interview let me highlight two ways the industry can be developed: 1. All artistes/entertainers should go back to their drawing board just to make sure they know what they are doing and where they are going 2. Be good in any of our production and promoting/selling our works to the larger society.

11. Are the entertainers treated fairly in the state?

To the best of my knowledge the answer is capital NO, and the problem is just by the corner. Some part of the blame goes to the general public and the event planners who dish out jobs to and invite the wrong people without inquiry. From the government angle it has been zero because they put politics in everything choosing the wrong fellows. That is why I always encourage my fellow artistes to put God first in whatever they do and always work hard because hard work pays.

12. Has the government done anything so far    for the entertainers and the industry in the state?

[Hmm] Couple of times I've heard people say that government did this and that, but I've never seen any of these things come to reality. So I'll always say from the table of government it's zero and it's absurd.

13. Do you think the state government is doing anything or has come up with any plans so far for the entertainers and the entertainment industry in the state?

That I can't tell here because I'm not part of the government for the now, but if they have any plans for us we'll definately know and see sooner or later.

14. As an entertainment body (RAPPERSENTER MEDIA) is also striving to see that we contribute to the development and promotion of the Bayelsa entertainment industry as well as the artistes/entertainers in the state. What would  be your advice to other agencies who have the resources to invest in this industry?

My advice is please do whatever is right for the artistes/entertainers in your own little way because we all know what to do and need each other to get to our permanent site.

15. It is very true that the media houses and djs all play major roles in the entertainment industry. But is it right for these so-called media houses and djs to extort money from the rising entertainers before they showcase their work, yet thesame so-called media houses and djs always showcase the works of superstars without no payment from these superstars?

There is one thing to make fame and another to making the money. Paying djs, presenters or the media houses to play a particular work is normal and it's cool by me because we all need money to survive. But the what I'm not comfortable with is djs demanding huge amount of money without considering the artistes. As for the part of playing works of superstars as a dj we do it to get more famous.

16. What's your take on the level of shows in the state?

Apart from government shows I've not seen individual big shows. Big shows attracts big money and u know one can't do a show without the help of another on that note  I'm appealing to the government, NGOs, media houses to always support us so we don't engage in evil activities.
Another thing is the lack of entertainment structure in the state and I mean: there are very few record labels in the state that are owned and run by entertainment businessmen/women who understands the business of entertainment. Artistes struggle to promote their work because no solid platform for that and these are why we at JTEN NIGERIA are trying to build a solid entertainment structure.

17. Wouldn't it be nice if the state government decided to create a "MINISTRY" or "COUNCIL" for all the entertainers in the state?

The entertainment industry can only be effectively run and managed by entertainers. We don't need the government to build "COUNCILS" or whatever for entertainers what we need are more and more entertaiment businessmen/women. What the government can do is to patronize us and make laws to protect our works.

18. Where do you picture the Bayelsa entertainment industry in the nearest future?

World standard. On top of the world that is what I see.

19. You are under a record label tell us about it, how you got signed and how it's been since then?

I don't want to sound too over excited but at thesame time JTEN NIGERIA is the best record label so far heard and seen. I never knew JTEN before but hard work brought us together and now we are a team. The label saw my activities from afar, believe in me and came for me and my relationship with the label has been awesome so far and my boss Johnson Timai (Timmy) is the best boss and I intend to keep the friendship very close no matter what.

20. You have a debut album dropping soon what should fans expect?

Yes, I'm working on an album dropping later this year. In this album it will be a piece of me, a piece of what I believe in and what I stand for which is the Bayelsa entertainment industry so the people should expect a piece of DJ TEE (TAKE_OVER_ALBUM)

21. Are you working on any video yet?

At the moment no. We're working on a very tight schedule and putting all resources in getting the album ready. Videos will come after the album.

22. What is your relationship like with other artistes/entertainers in the state?

The artistes/entertainers will be in the best position to answer this question. But if I must say anything I will say my relationship with my colleagues are in the right shape. Though I've had little scores with some artistes in the past but all settled. One thing people don't know about me is that I believe in what I do and when am set to do something I always make sure the job finishes before relaxing, I don't mix pleasure with work so when I see people sleeping on duty I always react.

23. How would rate artistes relationship in Bayelsa State?

[Hmm] With what I've seen in the state as a top ranking dj I will say the relationship among artistes/entertainers is in good condition and I pray it continue that way.

24. If you are given an opportunity to change one thing in the entertainment industry in Bayelsa what would that be?

I will change the entertainment industry in Bayelsa State for the good.

25. What is your advice to entertainers in Bayelsa State?

My advice is simple, if you want to make it in the entertainment  industry you have to learn about the industry and work with people who understands the industry as well. Being good in what you do as an entertainer is not enough, you need to understand especially the business aspect of entertainment in general.

26. How would you feel if the government create an enabling environment by building ultra-modern international entertainment market in the state where entertainment companies, record label, marketers can come in and run their businesses and boosting the state's revenue?

The entertainment industry can only be built by the entertainers with little help from non entertainers because nobody knows the entertainment industry better than the entertainers themselves. If this so-called "ultra-modern international entertainment market" is to be built in the state it should be built by the entertainers. The only thing the government can do is to help us from the issue of piracy because if such market is built then piracy should be checked to protect our works that go in the market. In my opinion, if the government decided to build this market which I don't think they would because it's going to be a waste of resources, they should rather empower the entertainers to build it themselves.

27. Gubernatorial election in Bayelsa State is approacing pretty fast, December 5, 2015 to be precise. What is your message to the aspirants and all Bayelsans?

My prayer is that God give us leaders and not thieves as rulers. As long as I'm concern I've not seen the rightful candidate for the seat. Therefore, onbehalf of the entire entertainers in the state, I urge all the aspirants to please bring in peace in Bayelsa State. Don't kill your brother because of politics (Bayelsa we are one) and please know your right and choose the best among the bests to lead us in the next four years.

28. Lastly, what is your final word to everyone out there in the world?

To all artistes/entertainers, government, churches and the entire world please put God first in whatever you do and be productive, creative and always bring out the best inside of you at every point in time. I pray God guide and protect us all the days of our lives, Amen. Take this from me "HARDWORK PAYS".
(Thank you DJ TEE for sharing your time with us God bless you)

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