MOVIE DOWNLOAD]: “EMPIRE” – Season 2, Episode 4 (Poor Yorick)

Inside dis week episode of “Empire”, naim Jamal and Hakeem Lyon dey shoot dia music video wey dem dey take use to take fight police oppression.

Di video theme no be big surprise for pipu wey dey watch “Empire”. Because na for inside di episode 2 naim Lyon family dey protest against wayo wey dey di prison system with one “#FreeLucious” concert.

Di concert sef na 419 sef. Because even Lucious deserve to dey jail because him dey guilty of murder…na Lucious naim kill Marcus “Bunkie” Williams, wey be him longtime friend and di cousin of him before before wife Cookie.

Still, dem still release di Empire oga komot from sanko with bail and na since him komot naim him don dey spend him time to take try to make sure say him record label still get level as e been dey before, as e be say Cookie and Hakeem don start dia own label wey dem call ‘The Lyon Dynasty’.

Di new episode, wey di title na “Poor Yorick,” dey show Cookie and Lucious as dem dey work together for di set of di music video. Dis one shock mesef, onto say na still di two of dem naim no fit eat together for di same table for dia family dinner.

DOWNLOAD: “EMPIRE” – Season 2, Episode 4 (Poor Yorick)