Obama’s Hilarious Reaction To Kanye West’s Plans To Run For President

President Obama has come for Kanye and though he seems to give the rapper some tips for running for president come
2020, the president seems to dismiss Yeezus’ hopes..Obama was in San Francisco Saturday for a DNC
fundraiser where Yeezy is set to perform, he joked about Kanye’s White House plans, saying if elected, Kanye will be
The Peezy.(No more Yeezy)

Later, you are going to hear from a guy who I hear has been talking about launching a political career .You may
have heard about this,Kanye is thinking about running for speaker of the house But incase Kanye is serious about this..or as he calls it “Peezy(a likely nickname for president,culled from Yeezy).

I do have some advice for him.First of all you have to spend sometime dealing with ,some strange characters that behave like they are on a reality show.So you got to be cool with that…

Second important tip, saying that you have a beautiful dark twisted fantasy(In reference to Kanye’s critically
acclaimed album).

That’s what’s known as off message in politics.You can’t say something like that.