Why It Took Me 3-yrs To Release Another Album, Naeto C Reveals

Popular Nigerian rap artiste, Naeto C, has revealed why it took him three years to release his fourth album.

In a chat with Pulse, Naeto C, the rapper and father of one also revealed how parting ways with Storm Records affected the release of his album and musical career as a whole.

How come it took you about three years to release an album?

To be honest, it took me a while to release this album because a lot of things were happening with the label, Storm Records that I was working with. The label had problem and it affected what we had already built. You see the success of other prominent record labels in the country and you can see what some artistes have done for the record label. It shows. I did not have that. Even when I got married, I was still releasing songs but what happened with Storm Records affected me a bit and things were not the same again. It was no longer fun to do music there because those were the people I started with. Having to lose the people I started with did not put me in a very good mood to do music. I later got over it and I have been working on this album. It is more of a personal thing.

Is it true that you did not part ways with Storm Records in a peaceful way?

No, it is not true. I was never actually signed to Storm Records. There was never any paper work and when problems began, I decided that I had to take matters into my own hands as opposed to leaving it in the hands of people in Storm Records because I knew that they already had issues there. It was just a function of telling, Obi Asika, that I had some songs that I wanted to release independently and he understood. At a point, I actually brought a management company into the picture but they were scared. We never had any issues in terms of me stepping aside.

Did you make any effort to make things right within the record label?

Yes, I tried my best because the owners of the record label, Obi Asika and Olisa Adibua , are my big brothers. I have known them for a very long time and Obi Asika is my cousin. I have made numerous efforts to see if it is something that could be salvaged but when you are dealing with adults, you have to be careful. I did try numerous times to make things work.

How has the feedback been for your new song, Atide?

The feedback has been great and I released the song to let people know that I would be releasing a new album, Festival, soon. That song is the first song that I would sing in Yoruba. The feedback has been great given the fact that it was released a few weeks ago.

What influenced you to sing in Yoruba as an Igbo boy?

My experience as an artiste who sings in various Nigerian languages has made me understand how rich our culture is. For me to be able to communicate ideas through my music in different languages, it is a very powerful tool. Regardless of my ethnicity, I am a Nigerian before I am Igbo. It is important to think outside the box sometimes and do something new that would make you connect with your fans from different ethnic backgrounds.

Why the ‘Festival’?

The album is titled Festival because I feel I have achieved a lot and I have every reason to celebrate with my fans, hence, the need for a festival. The album features top Nigerian music stars and I won’t want to mention them all but you can be sure it would be a blast.