Judge Denies Bobby Shmurda’s Bail For 7th Time Says “No Substantive Change”

News reports have now revealed that rapper, Bobby Shmurda, has been denied bail for the 7th time in a row.

The 21-yr-old rapper has been in Jail for almost a year now over charges of conspiracy to commit murder, multiple weapons possession and reckless endengerment.

Judge Abraham Clott of New York City, revealed to the court on Tuesday, January 19, that he has seen “no substantive change” in Shmurda and is “satisfied that the case is extraordinarily serious.”

The rapper has now been denied bail seven times since he was arrested in December 2014 on drugs and weapons charges.

Shmurda’s family had tried to pay his bail using their property as collateral, last month, but even that had been denied.

Alex Spiro, who is Shmurda’s counsel on the case, says he thinks the bail, which has been set for $2m, is too high.

The Brooklyn rapper’s net worth which had been estimated at $20m, is said to be highly exaggerated, with Spiro revealing that Shmurda’s worth is really closer to $427,000 and suggests that the bail should be in the $50-100,000 range, going by this discovery.

Shmurda’s next court hearing is set for February 22, 2016.