DISCLAIMER: Please Beware! This Is NOT Young John, The Wicked Producer


Wicked producer, Young John is the latest victim of this foul act called impersonation.
A certain miscreant out there has hijacked the profile of the producer, using it to engage in fraudulent activities under his mononym (alias). While it is too bad that some persons have already fallen victim of this evil perpetration, we’ve thought it necessary to draw the public’s attention to this.
Sources have it that the victims are being asked to meet up at the Lekki roundabout, and with a certain amount of money. This said amount is supposedly the cost of payment in order to be signed by Young John. Obviously, these are lies directed at the actual person of the producer, Young John.
Thus, in addressing these scam allegations, we’d like to let you know first of all that Young John is resident on the Mainland, not the Island. Secondly, Young John is not in ownership of a music/record label company, thus it is impossible that he’d be in the business of signing new artistes (or any artistes at all).
This disclaimer also serves an appeal to all music fans that they be extremely careful in their dealings with people so as not to fall a victim of scam. If you must get in touch with Young John for any reasons whatsoever, look up the bio/contact info section of his social accounts (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).