Drake Unveils Official Art Work For His Album “Views From The 6”

For the past week, OVO has been setting up pop-up shops around surprise locations in the U.S. in support of Views from the 6.
At each location, those in attendance have been given freeViewsapparel courtesy of OVO as well as Beats by Dre, which has sponsored each event. After passing through New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs this past week, OVO set up shop in its hometown of Toronto this evening, and those who turned out were graced by a special appearance from the man himself.During the event, which was set up at 567 Queen St.West, Drake shook hands, handed out T-shirts, and provided some previously unknown details aboutViews. In an Instagram video shared by the fansite Word on Road, Drake is asked about how many songs will be included on his upcoming album, which is set for release on Friday, April 29. “You said 20 tracks,” asked the cameraman, prompting Drake to smile and respond, “I’m ready.” The clip cuts out after the interviewer says, “That sound like a double CD.”Soon afterwards, Drake spoke to his fans to thank them for coming out for today’s pop-up shop. In the process, he confirmed thatViewswill indeed include20 tracks (or at least a number very close to 20). “Me and 40 put our hearts into this, it’s like 20 songson there for y’all to enjoy.” After sharing this excitingViewstidbit, Drake told his OVO faithful, “Man, I love you. I love this place more than anywhere else in theworld.”