Ijaws Are Not Thieves (IBE)

A group of talents from the Niger-Delta known as Ijaw Breed Entertainers (IBE) is calling on the executives of IYC, IMG, IWC,IYDA,INF& other Ijaw groups to call for a media conference to put a stop to people tagging "Militant" to the name IJAW. As we all know the Ijaws are not the only occupant of the Niger-Delta though the Majority in Niger-delta . We have tribes like the itsekiri, the Urhobos, the Esans, the Ukwanis etc who are also inhabitant of the region. The fight going on in some part of Lagos State should be seen as a matter of criminality rather than tagging it to a particular tribe or ethnic group. A lot of Nigerians that have had encounter with the Ijaw man,knows how tolerant and accommodating the Ijaw man is. . The group also talked about the  incident that happened in Igando area of Lagos State, that it's the Ijaws living in Lagos that are facing the consequence of what they know nothing about. They also talked about of an event that was meant to hold on 30th July 2016 in Ikorodu that was cancelled and this event was meant to bring together the young upcomings in "ENTERTAINMENT" to encourage them to be more useful in their God given talents rather than engage in violence. "IJAW BREED ENTERTAINERS" are disappointed in this issue of tagging Ijaws as Militants and call for immediate action from our leaders. A criminal is a criminal, so also a thief remains a thief.. Don't tag the Ijaw race with such negative appellation.. we have groups of agitators/ terrorists in the name of BH and Herdsmen and these groups are not attached to a particular ethnicity..