#1. You need to build an e-mail list of followers

A lot of bands don’t have a mailing list, which they should; it helps to keep your fans posted with upcoming gigs and any products you have coming out. By creating a mailing list this will ensure your fans get all the information from one source, rather than having to go to several different sites. You can give away a free download of a track or one of your live videos; this will give your fans an incentive to sign up to your mailing list.

#2. You need to have an online store
An online store is important so fans can get your CD’s, posters, t-shirts, or any other merchandise you have to sell. This also makes it easier for your fans to purchase your products than having to search through various sites. You can also go through a third party merchandise or online store, but you will still need a place to embed the products professionally, and your own website is where that best fits.
#3. Your website is your online press kit
Having an online press kit is essential so you can tell venue hosts managers or booking agents to look at your profile on the website. Your press kit should include photographs by a professional photographer, music files, a written biography of your band, press clippings and videos of your band performing. Your website is the modern age press kit for an artist.

#4. You need overall credibility

Having a website shows credibility and professionalism. It is important for your fans to check out what you do on your website. Your design and feel of your website is very personalized. So whatever viewers see, is how they will feel, and how they feel about you will determine if he is going to stay as a fan, or leave. That’s how powerful image is.

#5. If you plan on getting signed to a bigger label, you better have a website!

When you have a proper website and all your content is organized and clear, record labels will automatically be drawn to you. Your website separates you from the standard no name artist. Record labels, magazines and high end world class companies will be drawn to you. Before any big company decides to work or book any artist, they will definitely be going to your website as a main source of decision making. Again, this is how important it is.