Music House Family Unveils her Newest Artist

Music House Family

Music House Family is a music family in the south-south of Nigeria, and they are aimed at grooming young, talented and promising acts that are good in music, acting, fashion, public speaking, dancing etc. Music House have been there for a while and they have produced a lot of renown names from the south-south.  Music House is currently working on her first and international series movie MADE which features a majority of the entertainers from the south and is soon to be premiered on her youtube channel, media houses and online blogs. 

To start up, they are premiering their first artiste Faith Douglas with her first and official single “Oga Jesus” on Thursday 1st September, 2016. 

Meet Faith Douglas and find out some things about her.

Her Background
Faith Douglas was born on January 24th 1994 into a Christian family of Mr.  & Mrs. Douglas Agharehehon of Obagie Community in Orihonwon Local Governmental Area of Edo State, Nigeria. 
She did her Primary education in Future Leaders Educational Centre, Yenagoa and did her Secondary education in St. Judes Girls Secondary School, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.
Faith Douglas studied History and Diplomacy in Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State.
She worships at Adonai Baptist Church, under the leadership of Rev. Light E. Ugbede.

Music Background
As a young girl, she started singing with the Children’s Choir and later joined the senior choir just at age 14 in Redemption Ministries, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. 

Her solo life as a singer started at 17 years when she went for Nigeria Idol in 2011 and 2012 respectively. Since then, Faith Douglas have been maintained her consistency in creating a niche for herself in the Gospel Music Ministry. 
In 2015, she hosted her first and very successful worship concert tagged “Before the Throne” which took place at the Niger Delta University where she studied. The success of this concert grew into fame and paved way for her to be featured as backup vocalist for most singers on campus and out of school. She also contested for an on-campus talent hunt that she came up as second runner-up. 

Faith Douglas is very passionate about helping lives and giving hope to the hopeless, for this reason she founded the Transforming Lives Foundation (TLF) which speaks to the minds of those who have given up on life because of situations and life challenges. The foundation tends to give a voice to the oppressed in the society and restore peace in the lives of the less privileged. The foundation also helps to speak the word of Christ to the lost souls and to direct them to the way of the kingdom of God.
Due to her many works, most persons have decided to come under her to be their spiritual mother and mentor. Faith herself is under the mentorship of Pastor Wisdom Korgbara AKA Wisdom K. (the finest Port Harcourt Worship Leader).
Faith Douglas is under the management of Music House Family.

About Oga Jesus
Oga Jesus is a song inspired by her life and the challenges she had to pass through, at the end everything we have is given to us for free. If it were our own doing we won’t be able to get what we have but even at our wrongs Christ still looked down and showed us mercy. He showed us that He is God and can never be a man, what other way can we return what He has done than to sing praises unto Him and worship Him with everything that we have got.
Oga Jesus is produced by DMP who is also the CEO Music House Family and written and arranged by Faith Douglas.
The song is expected to officially drop on Thursday 1st September, 2016. We urge you to support this movement and let us take the kingdom work to all nations of the earth.
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Signed: Music House Family
Mr Xpensive (Manager)


  1. Faith Douglas worships at adonai Bapist church! Really!It's near at our home.Our church took church loans a few months ago for reconstructing and expanding its building as father wants to start a church school there..


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