Fake Lifestyle Doesn’t Do You Any Good – Skales

With the internet having experienced some sort of chaotic, nerve wrecking buzz for a few days now, things may just be getting a bit more heated with several new interviews cropping up here and there, following an arrest that was made a couple of days back in far away, US.

Some days back, Dammy Krane, was arrested on charges of Identity theft and fraud, charges he has come out to smartly deny But even with his denial, several celebrities have come out to share their opinions about the issue.

With a few showing support, others came out to slam the singer for the severely terrible act.
One of the celebrities that so slyly spoke celebrity lifestyle, that may cause some sort of trouble for such acts is Skales.

The singer, in an old interview with Hip TV, talked about celebrities living the exact lifestyle they portray to their fans and non-fans alike.

Watch his interview with HIP TV below: