Udara's biography

Udara who's real name is Udaraugo Mawuena Ibeh was born in the year 1990, Feb. 2nd in Cotonou. She's an Australian based Afro pop, dance hall and calypso vibe singer. She's from the Eastern part of Nigeria; precisely Imo state in Oweri town, but her lovely mom is from Togo.

Education is quite important aside music, she decided to study music as her priority dream at Wollongong high school Australia where she obtained her first certificate as a professional musician. Irrespective of the fact that her father Mc Chevalier was a very prominent Africando musician in Togo(a popular genres of music) she still went further to learn music at the Victoria University Australia.

The Australian based Afro pop singer speaks Australian language, French and English fluently. Now you know who the real Udara is.

Wait for her new song coming out soon.