Music: Mr Era - Today

Mr. Era aka Oddboi serves his listeners a hot tuneful, yet soul searching music. The message is clear and concise in this quotable lyrics as he appeals to every Nigerian to come to the aid of flood victims, today. Many of these flood victims have become homeless as a result of the rising water, properties worth billions of Naira has been lost to the flood. Hope has washed to the shores. Era advises well meaning Nigerians to be a beacon to these ones and provide hope to their conditions. 

These victims of flood needs palliatives to help cushion the effects of post-flood. Many are in overcrowded, internally displaced camps without food, water and daily necessities. A lot are slipping into social vices and acting in manners unbecoming of them just to help curb the hunger and suffering. This song urges us to put a smile on their faces by being there for them in the little we can. Are you willing to help victims of the flood today?

”TODAY” is produced by The Nutritious Producer Sinotemusix.