The Igbo Youths Doing Business in Bayelsa State are Richer than Bayelsa State Youths Currently

Waking up to the Pathetic Nature of Youth Activism And its Attendant effect one may  be tempted to critically say some certain things that will attract a lot of Antagonism and misconceptions  but" be it as it may" Crucify me if you wish , I Put it to you that Bayelsa State Youths are Poor and most of us Reading this Article are Responsible for this Poverty.

What we are doing right now is “copy copy and follow follow ” but what the Igbo Youths does is they identify What Bayelsans Need and Provide Service according to their own skills and crafts.
Because you see a Particular Youth doing well in Politics or modelling you will now abandon all your dreams,skills and crafts in other to be a model or Politician , Sincerely Speaking there are Some certain prices and Sacrifices those Persons are making in their field that you cannot make not because you don't have the means but because you don't see the need and the Passion is not also there.

Now Back to the fact that we are all Responsible for this Poverty; As Bayelsans we have failed to support each other dreams we only support when we see their is Benefit ahead and not for the Purpose of brotherliness . I tell you today that there is need for the the old and Young  to support each other dreams and Aspirations because that is the only way forward.

The Youths of Bayelsa State must wake up to the Sad Realities of Life especially in this Contemporary Era,We must take Charge of all the structures in the System called Nigeria and Bayelsa State in Particular, Let's Industrialize Bayelsa State, Let us be outstanding in Sports and Entertainment, Let us be good Ambassadors of the Not too young to Run Ideology, Let us Key into Science and technology it is not too big to Achieve, what about Agriculture ? We have the best environment for Agriculture in Nigeria, Let's convert our Crude Oil to Other productive activities too.

When ever our CivilServants/Politicians and big boys  collect Salary the Igbo people are comfortably waiting for it at their Business Places same thing is applicable to others.

Can't you see that  when they celebrate Igbo day all the Businesses in Yenagoa is closed  Voluntarily and when we Celebrate Boro day we force businesses to close because we are not the ones in Charge.

It is not wise for People who have nothing doing to always Blame their families, Government or Leadership of Structures, their are vast Opportunities in Bayelsa State, Key into one  of them and make money. The average Keke driver in Bayelsa State Makes up to 60K every month and you think that you that doesn't have a Job is too big for that or those Hausa people that are Catching our fishes in the river on daily basics .

A great Philosopher  called Socrates once said  “ Man Know thyself for an unExamined Life is not Worth Living” as Stakeholders of this State let's take a critical look at it and reflect on it's Potentials,Aesthetically, technologically, Agriculturally and other wise. Let us make deliberate efforts to build Bayelsa State.

I'm on my kneels begging my brothers not to see this as an Insult but a wake up Call to Service and contribute our quota to the Development of Bayelsa State and make life Meaningful for ourselves.

God Bless Bayelsa State State Youths!

God Bless Bayelsa state!!

God Bless Nigeria!!!

Comr. Atti J Moses (Youth Development Advocate)