Music: Dee Y x Ebiliazo x Naija Obama - Bayelsa we are one || Prod by: Dawig

Despite the division and little set backs, this song has come to change things.
One of the Finest song ever made this period. We want a better State called Bayelsa is the energy behind this song!
"BAYELSA WE ARE ONE" is the tittle, song properly compiled and composed by three sons of  KOLGA, Preye Samson (Dee-Y) from Oyobu / Amasoama community, Ebipakibina Niwegha (Ebiliazo) from Odi Community and Alex Yebifura (Naija Obama) from Kaiama.

The song Preaches peace, Unity, love, Oneness and mirrors a NEW BAYELSA.
Musically, this song has content, creative delivery by all three and has touched  and win the hearts of so many.  Due to its lyrics, style and message; its an ANTHEM now.

The song was produced /  Mastered by: "Dawig On D Beat" and mixed by "promise  Abiri", the hit producer.
By God's grace, the video shall be made by one of Nigeria's finest video director from Malaysia ( EMPEROR OBINO).
 "Bayelsa we are one"  no matter the fight and quarrel and the state comes first.